…from Louisiana

I’ve used my kukui a couple of more times.

Once, I successfully healed a backache (from sleeping wrong) on my husband; and once I stopped the bleeding of a nasty gash on my neighbor’s elbow. I wasn’t sure what the results would be for a deep cut; but my kukui really came through. It was bleeding pretty bad, but stopped within about 15 seconds of placing Kiki (its nickname) there. She [my little kukui] was not a pretty sight after that though … OSHA would have required me to label her as hazardous waste and properly dispose of her [it was all covered in blood]. Instead, though, I wiped her down with a damp cloth, thanked her profusely, and fed her a little `awa [The little living and healing kukui enjoy a treat of the sacramental drug, `Awa from time to time, especially when they’ve been real good and worked real hard]. I was so proud of her. I wonder if she’ll ever close a wound as well as stop the bleeding.

– Renee

The kukui shell is sensitive to moisture, so it is important to get fresh blood off it as soon as possible or it may develop cracks and have to be sent back for repairs to its shell. But even if it itself is wounded by helping another, that is just its real little badge of courage and devotion. So if you are called upon to gently press it against a bleeding wound, just do the best you can to get the water or blood off it as soon as possible. And later, check the kukui shell for cracks, and if it has any, then sent it back by the fastest means possible for repairs. We usually have a 24 hour turnaround on it.


…from Brazil

I am using my kukui since it arrived here. It’s becoming darker everyday.

Yesterday and today I had my first experiences with It. (I think it deserves a capital letter.) My right foot was still hurting a little. A month ago I went to a doctor, took some x-rays from my right foot and the doctor didn’t know why was it so red and swollen. Yesterday, when I was meditating, my foot was hurting again. Then I took my kukui and placed it on my foot. Two or three minutes later, my foot was all right!

Today a friend told me that her back was aching a lot. Again I took my kukui and placed it on her back. She immediately said that it was very hot! I wasn’t feeling the heat! Well, two or three minutes later she was smiling at me! The pain was gone! She made some movements with her back and arm to feel it better and couldn’t stop saying: “It’s magic! My pain is gone! I can’t believe!”




Yes, I am one of them with kukui who also has faith.

Two months ago my mother had a cerebral vascular accident in front of me, at my home. I used my kukui on her while she was having something similar to a convulsion.

It was raining very hard when the ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital.

In the next day I saw my kukui on the floor next the front door.

I had dropped it and didn’t realize in time. It was there all night!

Can you imagine how sad I was? My first and very childish thought was: Oh no! I´ve lost it!

But I didn’t give up of it/Him. I continued to use it around my neck always planning to send it back for repairs.

Since her illness, my mother complains about a strong pain in her shoulder, mainly when she does some specific movements. Every day I rub and massage her shoulder. Today I decided to use my kukui on her shoulder. Guess what? It worked wonderfully! The pain disappeared instantly!

Two hours later one of my dogs come inside the house limping. I verified his paw and couldn’t find any bruise. Again I used my kukui and it worked again! He (my dog) doesn’t limp anymore.

I forgot to tell that my mother is very well right now. The neurologist said that never saw a case like that. She is perfectly okay without any sequels of the cerebral vascular accident.

To tell you the truth she is even better than before.

– Claudia


I have so much to say about my kukui, that I don’t quite know how to begin. I guess I’ll start with my most recent adventure, which was this very afternoon.

I had been running around town doing the usual Saturday errands, like bank deposits, stamps and packages at the post office, topping off the oil in the car etc., when I decided to drop by to see my jeweler.

When I got there he was hard at work fixing a watch, with that magnifying thing on. He said he hadn’t had a chance to work on my design since the last time we consulted on it. I said “No problem, I have plenty of other things to do – don’t get up!”

He did get up and started rubbing his eyes and casually mentioned he had an intense headache.

I said, “Come here.”

As I removed my kukui (I always wear it) he leaned over the counter toward me and asked, “What are you going to do, heal me? ”

I said yes. I asked him where it hurt so I could focus its healing power directly to the spot (s). I touched it to his temples, and after probably for no more than 10 seconds, he moved back. I was willing to work on him longer, so I was rather surprised.

He looked astonished! He said his headache was completely gone. He shook his head, not quite believing it.


I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you.  My three-year-old son Steven got his hand caught in a door and you can only imagine the screaming.  There was a red line where the door pinched his hand and he was in a lot of pain.  As I have mentioned to you on several other occasions, Steven is very familiar with the healing power of the kukui.  I asked him if he wanted to hold Daddy’s kukui and he nodded yes with out any break in the crying.  I placed the kukui in his hand in within three seconds Steve stopped crying and asked, “Is it fixed yet”.  He held on to the kukui for a few more minutes and then everything was fine.

Thank you for introducing me to the incredible healing powers of the kukui.

All the best.

XXXX (Name withheld by request)


…from England

My Mother had a very bad stress related headache earlier.  I took off my
kukui and held it against her temple.  After twenty seconds I asked how
she felt and she replied ‘good’, and smiled.  The kukui had reduced her
headache from very bad to mild, in less than half a minute.  That’s a pretty
good start, huh?

Could you please be a bit more specific with the kind of healings that you
think I should reward my kukui with awa powder for?


As far as rewarding your kukui, think of your kukui as friendly and helpful as a puppy. Give him a “reward” (rub his shell with `Awa powder) anytime it comes to mind to do so.



…from Ireland

My kukui turned color within 20 hours! And I was hoping to enjoy the Caramel color for a few days. It obviously wasn’t meant to be!!!

STILL it was GREAT!!! I wear it almost every day and do not feel complete without it!

It is like my little friend, but my very great friend too! Does that make sense?

– F


Today I saw on cable TV someone in Fiji taking kava with the natives. He said that they take the kava on religious ceremonies and at the end of a day, just to be at easy after a day of hard work. My friend is still free of her back pain, after a week since I have used my kukui on her.

– C.L.


What Is A Healing?

This brings up the crux of the matter, “What is a healing?”

Say I’m locked by accident in a closet in a vacant house. I’m trapped. I am shouting for someone to help me.

Suddenly there is someone there, trying to help me. If they succeed in getting me out of the closet, then fine; but what if they “fail” to do that? Is it the same as if no one ever tried to help me?

No. Not at all. I am far better off knowing that someone cared enough to try to help; even if they didn’t know how. If I never find a way out of that closet, one day the Final Friend will find me and release me into the Dreamworld, and then onto my next life. That is a certainty. Ultimately, I am safe, as is everyone.

Even if that happens, will I know more than I would have otherwise? Absolutely! The fact is that all of us will meet the Final Friend. All of us will eventually go to the Dreamworld once again.

So what do we carry with us? The knowledge that in our time of need, no one even cared so much as to lift a finger to try to help us? Or that in our time of need, when we called out for help, someone tried to help; even if the help was not obviously successful. I say “obvious” because it is deceptive.

The fact that someone tried to help is more important than if that attempt was “successful” or not. Physical healing is only temporary (no one lives forever in their physical body). But, the knowledge gained by the person about compassion of another is priceless and leaves a permanent graciousness upon one’s soul.


…from Arizona

I had the great privilege and honor and to witness the healing power of my kukui.

Granted, most of this happened in a realm of subtlety I’m not quite sensitive enough to perceive yet, but I accept it as a postulate on the simple basis that a little polished nut hanging from a string just plain can’t heal (or change color) unless it has been imbued and filled with spirit and healing energy from an external source. (And how cool is that?) But I ramble…

So, Shannon picks me up from work. Her right arm is hanging limp in her lap. She reports sharp pain in her thumb and shoulder and numbness of the whole arm. I observe that she doesn’t use it at all, compensating completely with her left arm. We arrive at her home and I tell her that we can do some “work” on her arm. She lays down on the bed and relaxes while I spend a moment to prepare myself and attempt to generate a mana surcharge even though I don’t really know how. I figure intent is the main thing and start doing deep breathing. I placed my kukui on her shoulder, covered it with my hands, and breathed into it in my imagination. She got really drowsy. In a relatively short time thereafter, the pain in her shoulder stopped.

Her hand still hurt, so I repeated the procedure and placed the kukui on her hand until the pain stopped.

Afterwards, she had normal movement and action with the arm and no pain. Nor does she have any recurrence of pain today.

You just have to feel humbled and awed by such a simple thing having such a profound effect.

Cuts/Stop Bleeding

You know, it’s fascinating. I arrived back in Arizona Wednesday evening with my new kukui. Thursday I had a dinner date with friends. Shelly’s young son, Zach, had fallen from his bicycle and had a large scab on his elbow. It was probably around 2 inches long and an inch wide. I said to him, “Here, this might help you,” and touched the kukui to the scab for about 10 seconds.

I didn’t really make much of it at the time. I just did it and forgot about it. Well, here we are 3 days later and Zach comes up to me and shows me his elbow. The scab fell off. It is completely gone and the new skin is a healthy dark pink. You just have to love that.

Let me just re-emphasis: I did nothing but touch the kukui to little Zach’s skin for a small moment with the intention that it could help it heal faster. Well, it did.


Just wanted to let you know that my son fell last night at the local pool and cut his knee.  There was a surprising amount of blood for a cut that seemed small.  As I was putting pressure on the cut, someone asked if I would like them to go get a Band Aid.  While they were gone, I took out my kukui and placed it on the cut.  The bleeding stopped in seconds, even before the person had returned with the Band-Aid.

This made me think of a joke for you.

Q:  How many healings does it take to create a believer?

A:  Just one more.

Thanks for your help.



…from Oklahoma

Yesterday I left something behind and had to go back to the office. I had a few errands to run and went back about 45 minutes later to pick it up. When I walked in my boss was holding a cloth on his bloody nose. A pump had gotten away from him and smacked him hard right in the nose. It’s a wonder it didn’t knock him out.

I asked him if he wanted me to help. He did.

I took my kukui and gently laid it on his nose. I called to my Higher Self and his Higher Self for help. As I held the kukui on his nose, I ‘saw’ his nose reconstructed and healed.

The bleeding stopped. I think most of his pain was gone.


Healing Broken Bones

…from Texas

The only time I take my kukui off is when I take a shower and sometimes when I go to bed.

I talked to the lady I talked to yesterday that I worked with, who had the broken rib. She told me she got a full night’s sleep for the first time since she hurt herself, after I worked with her.

She was amazed at how fast it worked and then started asking how it worked and why. Hey, the lady who had the broken rib is a very devout Catholic and I worked with her in front of 3 of her Catholic friends. None of them are metaphysically inclined or have had any training.

They all thought it was interesting and watched.

I told them it is was blessed and is or works like my blessed water (that I never carry). She left and went to Colorado and promptly re-injured it the next day carrying bags so she was unable to know the extent of her condition after I worked with her.

I have had several similar experiences so, IT WORKS!!!

– Jim


Kidney Stones

…..from Eastern Canada

RS wrote:

As you may have noticed from my many emails, I have a VERY analytical mind. I need proof that something works, and a few coincidences do not constitute proof. However, I am quickly becoming convinced of the powers of the kukui.

My wife has passed kidney stones on two occasions over the past few years. In both cases, the pain was so intense that she ended up in hospital on the maximum amount of morphine they could give to someone her size. Even with that significant about of drugs, the pain was unbearable.

Last weekend the pain started again and she new it was another kidney stone. I explained the healing powers of the kukui to her and she agreed to wear it around her neck. This was about 9:00 in the morning. Amazingly, the
pain was gone by noon. She did end up passing the stone the following day… with no pain.

Just thought you would like to hear some positive feedback from an analytical skeptic who is quickly being convinced.



Ear Ache

…Eastern Canada

I just wanted to share an experience I had yesterday with the kukui. My two-year-old son has been suffering with ear infections for some time. Yesterday I decided to place the kukui on his ear. Within a minute his red ear was back to normal colour. I asked if his ear still hurt and he said “No”. He slept through the night last night and I asked him again this morning how his ear was. He said “Fine Daddy”. My only regret is that I did not think of using the kukui sooner.



My four-year-old son fell yesterday and hurt his hand.  As you can imagine, the tears started immediately.  As I picked him up to comfort him, he reached inside my shirt at took out the kukui I wear around my neck.  With tears streaming down his face, he repeated “kukui” as he held my kukui to his hand.  The tears stopped, he put my kukui back inside my shirt, and off he went to continue playing.




…from Arizona

I realized that I forgot to email you this, since I had talked to you on the phone.  I have been having trouble sleeping lately, getting on average 4-5 hours of sleep a night, and it always takes me forever to fall asleep.  After receiving my kukui last week, and of course having expert hands to help make me a beautiful choker, I was laying in bed on Saturday, just wanting to sleep so bad.  Then it dawned on me……  Duh, use your  kukui, and ask your Higher Self.  So I held the kukui in my hand, closed my eyes, and said “Please, just let me get some sleep…”  After about 30 seconds (still holding it) I began to get that prickly feeling that you get when your arm or your hand falls asleep.  It began to spread over my whole body.  Eventually it was like the feeling was emanating from my [whole body] it became so strong.  I would say it lasted about 3-5 minutes, then, tapered off.  I let go of the kukui, turned over in bed, went immediately to sleep, and stayed asleep for 12 hours.  I don’t know that this would technically be classified as a “healing”, but it certainly helped me in a time of need.  I look forward to learning to expand my knowledge and begin to help other people.  Thank you so much for your enlightenment….



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