There’s a bit of responsibility that goes along with kukui ownership and we feel you should have this information before you make a decision to get one for yourself.

The little spirit structure can be discharged by direct contact with the ground. By ground, meaning the earth. If it falls and lands on a carpet or wood floor, it will not be damaged. Falling on a bare concrete floor or the ground outside may also cause it to discharge.

It needs mana (energy, prana, chi) to keep the structure together, and it consumes this at a high rate when it is being used for healing. It also loves a little Awa powder sprinkled on it. Don’t be surprised if it gets a little giddy and rolls a bit more than usual. Each little kukui has a distinct personality. One I made was like a little Mexican Jumping Bean (cute little fellow). Its owner has to be very careful when handling it so that it doesn’t jump out of his hand.

Getting Started

Your kukui responds to love. Hold it often. Let it become warm in your hands. Hold it and dwell on thoughts of your Higher Self/Guardian Angel/God Self/Divine Light Being (whichever name YOU are comfortable with*).

Whenever you are hurting in any way, hold the kukui between your hands, and reach out for your Higher Self. If you can’t think of anything else, state the sentences below:


Beloved Guardian Angel, help me.

Give me Peace and Confidence.

Thank You for hearing me, for your Guidance.

And so it is.


When you are in danger, ask your Higher Self to protect you.

Your kukui can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. It can be carried in a pouch. If you carry it in your pocket and it bounces against metal all the time like keys or pocket change, it will be permanently discharged. You will find that you want to handle it often. Its energy is healing and helpful in our daily lives.

Reflect on your joys and thank your Higher Self for helping you to find friends, or financial help, or anything else when holding it. Refrain from thinking of what you don’t have and focus on what you do have. The past is history. The present is what is important. It is from the present moment that we determine our future.

TO LEARN TO BECOME a healer using your new kukui, you will need to learn a couple of things which are helpful. The first is how to create energy for healing purposes.

The 40 Breath Charge

You will find your natural rhythm so don’t strive for perfection in the beginning. The number 40 is sacred in many traditions.

Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth in ten sets of four inhale/exhale breaths. Take a break between the sets of four until you become accustomed to this exercise.

Once you have completed 40 breaths, send the energy you made down your arms into the kukui in your hand.

It is now ready for you to place on the area you intend to try to help.

I usually hold it in the palm of my hand while holding it gently against the painful area. After a few practices you will know when it is time to gently remove the kukui. You may have a sensation of the energy while it is flowing into the area, you may feel a sensation when it is completed and you may feel nothing, just simply “know” when it is time. Often the person you are helping will tell you their sensations. If they feel nothing and you feel nothing, it does not matter. Some people are more sensitive than others and some people need the practice. Some never feel anything and still get results.

Remember: It is not up to you to heal anyone. It is up to you to try and help relieve suffering. We humans are the cord between the lamp and the socket.

A word of caution: Do not focus on the damaged area when using your kukui. Your eyes may see it physically of course, but visualize it whole, healthy and healed whenever you place your kukui on a damaged area.

Remember: Your intention is to help. Do not fall into the trap of ego, where the results become important. That is not your call. Your job is to have the intention to try to help. The rest is up to the Guardian Angels.

Be warned that if you project hurtful mental pictures to or at subject, these may be blocked from action by his/her Guardian Angel or by his/her spirit friends who may be watching over him/her. The force and the mental picture will rebound – often with greatly increased power – and lodge in you. Do not use your kukui if you are in a state of anger or hatred.

I am intentionally going even further out on a limb. We humans inadvertently practice black magic whenever we think harmful thoughts – especially when we are  angry – about another. Unrequested or prayer/healing without direct permission for someone (other than a small child, invalid, someone knocked unconscious) because you think it is what is best for that person, is a form of black magic. It is imposing YOUR will onto someone else. Simply put, that is not your job. That person is here to learn and to make mistakes on their own, as are you. We do not know what they souls intention is for this lifetime. Now if they ASK for help, then that changes the situation 100%.

Begin at once to practice becoming harmless and helpful in your every thought and deed. Learn to radiate good and helpful and loving thoughts and do all you can to do good. In this way you will soon build a permanent wall around yourself which will act as a great magnet, of which you are the center. It will attract the good by its positive pole.


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