1. Whether it be a headache, a cut or lost sight in an eye, how long would you generally recommend holding the kukui against the afflicted area?

I hold it as long as it remains helping. Usually 30 seconds to five minutes.

2. If I’m using the kukui on myself, do you think it would be effective to vocalize the intention?

I don’t know. SPEAK AND THINK ONLY IN POSITIVE WAYS, not negative ways. ‘My arm is fine now’, NOT ‘Heal my broken arm’.”

3. Would the kukui work even if someone else does not understand it?

Yes. Most times the person healed has no idea what has happened in those cases where the skin seals and no wound is left.

4. How do you ask permission of a parent whose child has been hurt without sounding like a new age nut?

“Excuse me. I’ve had some success in trying to help people. Would you like me to try to help you?”


5. I know the kukui works for me and my family, but what about strangers?

Your kukui, all kukuis, are made to ease the suffering of this world. As long as your intention is to try to help, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a stranger, friend, family member, plant, animal, even the damaged earth.


6. What if it doesn’t work?

That’s beyond your control. It’s in the hands of that person’s Higher Self –  unless I made a mistake when I made it. Suspicious of its efficacy? Send it back to me and let me check it.


7. What if it doesn’t still work?

You are making a grave mistake here. What doesn’t work? What is your job here? What are you doing? Trying to help. If no physical healing happens (a very rare occurrence), have you still tried to help? How can an intention to try to help ever fail? For if you intend to succeed then you are coming from a place of ego. People try to play God all the time, mistakenly so, by trying to control the outcome. But if you decide to try to help and are not concerned with how well you and your kukui perform, then you are making a noble effort to help. A person CAN decide to TRY.

8. Could my uncertainty affect the outcome?

Those whose heart is not convinced it will help can no longer heal. Those who are confident of, have faith that their kukui will do some good to another, will help in some way on some level that may or may not be known. Those try to help will succeed in trying to help. Those who try to ‘test’ the kukui will find that nothing happens. Their doubt will restrict the healing which would otherwise have been there for them.

In order to heal another with a kukui, you must have enough nerve to ask someone if you could try. Whether or not you are prepared to try is in your hands alone.

Then it is up to the stranger whether or not to accept your offer. Whether or not a healing of flesh happens, isn’t in your hands, but in Gods.


9. My kukui is still not black. Will it have the strength to help strangers?

Yours is the only kukui which I know of that has proven itself a fine healer and yet hasn’t changed color. It has done miraculous healings on you and all your family members. It will do the same for strangers, too.


10. Do I need to do any breathing or visualization to help a stranger?

Yes. The 40-breath charge supplies the energy needed. If there is no time in an emergency, know that the energy is there, do what you can and recharge it later. Just touching another with it, feeling all the intensity of emotion you can, and that’s fine. No breathing or visualizations are required or necessary.

When people tell me that they do these things, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to do, so I encourage them. I don’t think they are necessary. But if the person does, then they ARE necessary, if only because the person believes they are.

11. Is it as simple as asking the child to hold the Kukui? 

No. The Kukui has no power in itself to do anything. No amount of use will deplete it, either. Think of it as a mystical Magnifying Glass. You feel for another, want to help, ask to try, hold the kukui against them. A healing happens.

Now there have been some healings reported to me who have just been tucked into a sock or taped on. In those cases, one or both things have happened:

            1) there was a residual level of mana left in the Kukui

            2) I have no idea what happened.

Legal Disclaimer

We make no claim that kukuis cure.

We make no claims that they can heal.

We simply present some of the emails we’ve received from people who have gotten kukuis from us over the years. To use a kukui requires no religious devotion on your part, it doesn’t matter which, if any, religion you belong to.


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