Kukui Shell Extraordinaire! 

What is a “healing icon” and why would I want one?

Several of us were trained by our teacher how to infuse energy into a little kukui shell. This becomes a channel for healing universal healing energy from your Guardian Angel/Higher Self. When you gently place one of these blessed icons on a wound, you become a conduit for this healing energy (see testimonials).

Kukuis are the nutlike seeds from the Aleurites moluccana, a tropical Southeast Asian tree. The tree is actually native to Southeast Asia. There is evidence that early Polynesian settlers brought kukui trees with them to Hawaii because the nuts were useful.

The ones we currently have in stock now come from the Philippines. Kukuis are also known as candlenuts and are used to make candles and yield a drying oil used in paints, varnishes, lacquer, and soft soap.

It is the high oil content that allows the nuts to be lit and burned like candles. The oil also can be extracted and used in varnishing, waterproofing, paint, soap and rubber products. Raw kukui nuts have a strong laxative effect, which disappears when the nut is roasted.

The seeds (kukuis) grow inside green fruit pods and resemble walnuts, although they have a much thicker shell. The shell is so thick that the nuts are often polished. This is the part we use to make the little healing icons.

The Process

The creation of a kukui is a sacred process. It is both an honor and a privilege for us to continue to do this work.

Each individual kukui takes several weeks to create, so please be patient if you decide to get one. We cannot start on one for you until we receive your written request (see below).

A beautiful little kukui nutshell is shamanically created into a living being that becomes a connector between its owner and that owner’s Higher Self.

A kukui that has been created for you will know who you are and connect you to your own Divine Nature (Higher Self, Guardian Angel, etc.). When held in your hands and asked, it will want to do miraculous healings for you. All you need is love in your heart and the desire to try and help another or even yourself. It is critical that you have only the desire to try to help, not the egocentric need to prove how great your work is in order to receive praise and admiration/adoration. This is extremely important and will be addressed further.

How To Get One

In order to create a kukui specifically for you we will need your photograph of you (by yourself so we don’t pick up other energies) and/or your signature in ink. A photo and an ink signature contain your energy (mana/prana/chi) and that is what we use to create your kukui.

It’s best if we have both the photograph and the ink signature, but in this day and age of identity theft, many people are understandably hesitant to send both. You don’t know us (yet). Hopefully that will change, but until then either one will be fine. Digital photos are not as strong as the old-fashioned paper photos, so we prefer that you snail mail us a water-bath photograph. If that is not doable, then we will need your signature in pen (not pencil. Ink holds the energy, pencil lead does not).  Your signature on the agreement form at the end of this post will be sufficient. Photographs you send will be returned to you with your kukui.

Your kukui should arrive a few weeks after we receive the paperwork.

After you have had your kukui for a while, it will begin getting darker and eventually become black. This validates that the kukui nut is “alive” and has continued to mature. Untreated kukuis do not change color.

When your kukui changes color, and each time you make an effective healing with it, please let us know. These success stories will be an inspiration to you and others who may want one of their own.

The kukui is a defenseless little living thing and we want to make sure it has a good home. There are four rules regarding its care. Before we create your kukui into being, we ask that you commit yourself in writing to keeping these few simple agreements:

Agreements for Kukui Ownership

1.   It is sensitive to others handling it and staring at it. At first our teacher told us that we should not let people stare at it, but over a short period of time (simultaneously by the way even though we live in different states) we all realized the kukui draws peoples attention. Those who stare at it are in need of some kind of healing, although they may never admit it. Those who reach out to touch it, on some level sense its abilities and most of the time receive a mini-healing. So adjustments were made to the no-touch, no-stare rule and as long as it’s not an attack on the little kukui, it seems to be ok to allow someone to stare at it or touch it while you’re wearing it. It’s almost as if the person becomes mesmerized. Just a heads-up so you will know what to expect.

I personally have had people reach for mine and hold on to it while it is still around my neck! Other times they stare at it. At first it was a bit awkward, but as I became aware of what was happening and accustomed to it, it became a pleasant experience for me and for them. It will ultimately be up to you to decide how to handle each incident. As long as you remember that your kukui is a sacred little being and treat it with honor and respect, you’ll be fine. Many people wear them around their necks on a gold or silver chain (NEVER Steel) or a leather cord.

2.   Its little shell may crack or break apart if drenched in water so make sure you never wear it while swimming or taking a bath or shower. Never wash it in water. It may be cleaned with a damp cloth.

3.   Never let it get desecrated by allowing it to touch the ground. If it accidentally falls on the floor, that may not be a problem. If dropped on a cement sidewalk or the ground, it may become discharged. If that happens, return it to us and we’ll check it for you.

4.  It must take nourishment (in the form of energy) from you every few days. Best-case scenario is that you wear it so that it is touching your skin. If wearing it is not an option, then holding it for a few minutes each day with the intention of revitalizing it will work. It must have physical contact with you every two to three days, minimum. Daily contact is best. You have to feed and water your pet daily, right? It only takes a moment or two to care for your kukui. The more you handle your kukui and work with it, the better it works. If you plan to go on an extended trip, be sure to take it with you. Besides, you never know when it is going to come in handy!

Your kukui can become a family heirloom. Be sure to keep this information near it. If your kukui is ever damaged or allowed to die, you will need to return it (along with the pieces of your kukui shell if it breaks) so that it can be repaired. Please include a donation to cover shipping if possible, but there is no charge for us repairing of one of these sweet little creatures.

Your new kukui will be shipped with a small supply of `Awa powder to rub on its shell when it has been especially busy! They love this J. It makes them happy.

In case you are wondering…..pressing an unblessed kukui shell onto a bleeding, agonizing wound is simply like pressing a walnut shell or peach pit on it. It would no effect, except possibly to make matters worse.

A person may follow any path/religion or none at all to effectively use one of these kukuis, just the desire to help.

If it is you are in agreement with the above, please print and sign the document below and send it with your photograph to the address below.

Kukuis are not for sale. In order to keep things balanced as much as possible, we ask that you make a donation of whatever amount you can, if you can. We will make a kukui for anyone who asks and

When my teacher was alive he asked for a donation of $125. for one kukui. If you can and would like to contribute that amount or more, we certainly appreciate it (we do have to eat and pay rent, etc).

We do ask that you contribute some amount, at least to cover postage and replacement kukuis so we can keep this going.

If you make a donation through PayPal using the link below, you will have to enter the amount of your donation.

Click here to make a donation through PayPal

Once PayPal notifies us of your donation, we will email you the address where to snail mail your signed agreement. Remember, to enclose a photograph of yourself if at all possible.


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