Monthly Archives: February 2013

Lucid Dreaming


Ever heard of lucid dreaming? It’s different from the “sort out the day” muddle of events that we all dream. We all have both kinds and you can train yourself to remember lucid dreams if you want to.

A lucid dream is a step into another reality.

Sometime during night I was in an unknown location. My cat and dog (our beloved pets often accompany us to these non-ordinary realms) were with me. I looked out of the window and saw a man wearing wire rimmed glasses and dressed in a black overcoat berating and poking at what appeared to be a homeless man. They were walking in my direction.

The homeless man appeared unable to defend himself against the verbal and physical blows. Without pausing to think I opened my door and stepped out onto the sidewalk. My cat and dog ran out and in different directions (thanks guys). The movement of the three of us caught the attention of the bully long enough to give the homeless guy time to run away. That left me by myself.

The bully came toward me. He started asking me questions. I still had the door open and backed toward it. I called my dog and cat, but they were busy with their own affairs. The bully began pushing the door open to see inside.

Suddenly a German Shepherd came trotting down the sidewalk. I’ve had German Shepherds for years, but did not know this one. I grabbed him by the collar as if he were my dog and the dog went along with it. The bully froze for a second, then backed up. The fear in his eyes was plain. He turned and left.

I turned to the German Shepherd and said Thank You. His job finished, he trotted off. I woke up 🙂