After December 21st 2012



Well, the world did not end. I cannot believe there are still folks who are writing about the mysterious giant Planet Nibaru! Unless it pops through from another dimension, I don’t think it’s going to suddenly appear out of no where.

Maybe the world didn’t end, but people seem to be off their rockers – nutters. Grumpy and cross, they seem confused by the fact that they’re still here and they have to get up and go to work, pay the rent, etc. Some are downright angry. Maybe they’re afraid.

We in the west tend to live in a constant state of fear. When we are in that state of fear we cannot think clearly, see clearly or perceive beauty and truth for what it is.

Remember to breathe and breathe deeply. Restore your own connection that is YOURS to the Divine. Take a moment to re-empower yourself.

Here’s a great video that will help bring you back into balance within 2 minutes. It works. Try it for yourself.

Click here for the video: Amy Cuddy on Ted Talks


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