Quintessential Scorpio


What an odd day. Everyone was behaving a bit strangely. Those who don’t have sinus troubles have a family member or two who have the annoying dry cough and painful sinus cavities. I myself have been suffering with it for the past couple of weeks.

It had been an uneventful morning. I could not have known that I was about to have my own mini-cosmic experience and meet a perfect human example of Saturn in Scorpio!

The gentle man stepped up to my cash register. Apparently he was suffering from the sinus crap. He looked like I felt.

He was dressed entirely in black (so Scorpio). I could only see him from the waist up and at first I thought he had on a black overcoat. I thought maybe he was an old Goth, but the name on his card told me otherwise. He was a monk!

images(this is what he was wearing)

He had an intense gaze (Scorpio) even though it was obvious he didn’t feel well.

“How are you?” I asked.

“I’d be a lot better if I were at home in bed,” he sniffled.

“Me, too.”

“But, noooo, they keep coming in and saying ‘we need this’ and ‘we’re out of that’. I kept telling them, ‘well then go to the store!’ But here I am. I should be in bed. It’s hard having children. I should know.”

I wondered who “they” were, but kept my question to myself (Scorpio hates to reveal private details) and I’m pretty sure Monks don’t have biological kids. Besides, I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to get a question out. He continued……

“I keep telling them their life will be so much better if they simply don’t piss me off. Remember: I worked on the hospital ward where everyone died. I know how to kill you, give you last rites and hide your body. Let’s not even get into retroactive abortion.”

He was welcome comic relief in the middle of a long day. As I handed his card back to him I said, “I’m going to look you up!”

“I’ll deny this ever happened!” he smiled, sneezed and walked off with his groceries.




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