The Veil Grows Thinner


Over the past few days the veil between the worlds – the one we know as “reality” and the thousands of others, unknown and unknowable to us mere mortals – continues to grow thinner. Feelings, fleeting thoughts and scents of loved ones who have died may fade in and out of our hearts and minds like wispy bits of memory, not quite solid enough to be thoughts, but definitely some kind of presence.

The other day someone randomly handed me a card from the Masonic Temple my Dad had belonged to. I had never seen the man before and likely won’t ever see him again. A flood of emotion washed over me and I knew it was Daddy’s way of letting me know he’s quite fine (he died in October 1982).

It is a time when we humans are reminded that this is a temporary, physical existence and that we do indeed transition back to the place from which we came. Our ancestors are able to reach through the barriers a little easier during this time.

As we approach the Day of the Dead, All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, it is good remember those we have loved. Say “thank you” if nothing else. And remember – what we do in the here and now affects the past and the future. That’s a tough one for the human mind to comprehend, so don’t think too long and hard about it. Let it perk in your awareness.

The Full Moon is in Taurus now. Let the light of the moon guide you on your journey! Give a wink and a nod when you sense your loved one nearby. They appreciate the acknowledgement and gratitude!

Remember: there is nothing more powerful than LOVE. There is nothing more healing than forgiveness. We are all connected through eons of time and space.


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