Mercury Retrograde


It’s only the shadow period, but it’s started already. Mercury will actually be retrograde from November 6th through November 25th – which means Thanksgiving will be during the end of the Retrograde……should make for some interesting Thanksgiving Day dinners!

Oh, well. Forewarned is forearmed. A Retrograde Mercury does not mean hide under the covers. It can be a great time to rethink, revise, review, reconsider anything. It’s not a good time to buy a car or computer or anything else dealing with electronic/electrical, etc.

Here’s what AstroSparkles had to say this morning on FaceBook:

MERCURY has now hit his shadow zone which can only mean one thing – MERCURY RX ALERT!! Yes, our little trickster, currently sitting at 19 SCORPIO, will be retrograde in just under 3 weeks, the retrograde taking in early Sagittarius and late Scorpio. So tell your friends and tell your neighbours that NOW is the time to start backing up your computer files and phones and starting to pay real attention to travel bookings and anything with fine print, particularly if it’s happening in 3-6 weeks time. More as we get closer.


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