Saturn Enters Scorpio

I’ve seen two great posts about Saturn entering Scorpio. Here’s one of them from Facebook. Soon as I can find the other one, I’ll post it.
Saturn enters Scorpio today-tonight- Oct 5th 2012.

Don’t be scared, we all have to do time together.
Wear protective clothing, stay warm, beware lead poisoning, bring a shovel and surveillance camera.
Supplies needed for next 2 years – Truth, honesty, tough exterior, warm heart and your third eye.

“Real and effective change and transformation is what we can hope for during Saturn in Scorpio. We can expect things to really take shape, the promises of Saturn after some hard work has been done. Saturn however is resistant to change and prefers stability. In Scorpio we are challenged to make Saturn work for us, by taking control and attending to the revolution at hand. Saturn in Scorpio doesn’t take it how it is, but strives to uncover anything that seems amiss, doesn’t miss a trick and doesn’t tolerate any BS. Anything that appears to be safely guarded will now be uncovered, or buried for good.”


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