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The Veil Grows Thinner


Over the past few days the veil between the worlds – the one we know as “reality” and the thousands of others, unknown and unknowable to us mere mortals – continues to grow thinner. Feelings, fleeting thoughts and scents of loved ones who have died may fade in and out of our hearts and minds like wispy bits of memory, not quite solid enough to be thoughts, but definitely some kind of presence.

The other day someone randomly handed me a card from the Masonic Temple my Dad had belonged to. I had never seen the man before and likely won’t ever see him again. A flood of emotion washed over me and I knew it was Daddy’s way of letting me know he’s quite fine (he died in October 1982).

It is a time when we humans are reminded that this is a temporary, physical existence and that we do indeed transition back to the place from which we came. Our ancestors are able to reach through the barriers a little easier during this time.

As we approach the Day of the Dead, All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day, it is good remember those we have loved. Say “thank you” if nothing else. And remember – what we do in the here and now affects the past and the future. That’s a tough one for the human mind to comprehend, so don’t think too long and hard about it. Let it perk in your awareness.

The Full Moon is in Taurus now. Let the light of the moon guide you on your journey! Give a wink and a nod when you sense your loved one nearby. They appreciate the acknowledgement and gratitude!

Remember: there is nothing more powerful than LOVE. There is nothing more healing than forgiveness. We are all connected through eons of time and space.


Mercury Retrograde


It’s only the shadow period, but it’s started already. Mercury will actually be retrograde from November 6th through November 25th – which means Thanksgiving will be during the end of the Retrograde……should make for some interesting Thanksgiving Day dinners!

Oh, well. Forewarned is forearmed. A Retrograde Mercury does not mean hide under the covers. It can be a great time to rethink, revise, review, reconsider anything. It’s not a good time to buy a car or computer or anything else dealing with electronic/electrical, etc.

Here’s what AstroSparkles had to say this morning on FaceBook:

MERCURY has now hit his shadow zone which can only mean one thing – MERCURY RX ALERT!! Yes, our little trickster, currently sitting at 19 SCORPIO, will be retrograde in just under 3 weeks, the retrograde taking in early Sagittarius and late Scorpio. So tell your friends and tell your neighbours that NOW is the time to start backing up your computer files and phones and starting to pay real attention to travel bookings and anything with fine print, particularly if it’s happening in 3-6 weeks time. More as we get closer.

New Moon In Libra


Man, it’s been I.N.T.E.N.S.E. on all levels!!

Working full time and trying to build my Reiki business doesn’t leave me much time to write in here! Miss you guys!!!

Anyway, quick note before dashing off to work this morning. Tomorrow’s NEW MOON IN LIBRA is at 8:03 AM Eastern Time. Today is a great time to think about what you would like to manifest into your life because this new moon is conjunct the FIXED STAR SPICA, which is a fortunate star! It gives this New Moon a bit of extra boost.

Because the New Moon is in the early morning, I will spend this evening writing out on paper my wishes, goals, hopes, dreams that I want to bring into my life – and those things are the things that I am willing to work for! Use your finest paper and ink – as if you were writing a letter to someone very important (you are!). Venus and Libra love beauty and refinement, so use your best.

And remember, we are the ones here in the physical who have to “do the do”. Asking for help is just that….”They” won’t do it for you, but they will open doors, clear pathways, present opportunities, etc., so if you’re not willing to do your part, it won’t happen.

Light a candle, have a glass or cup of your favorite beverage, treat yourself to a special sweet (Libra is ruled by Venus) tonight as you write out your intentions. Candle light adds magic for me and really sets the scene, so I will have a few candles lit as I thank Spirit for all of my blessings and good things I already have as I open the door for more to come!

Tomorrow morning I will plant my neatly folded paper in the ground just as I would a treasured seed.

Then get busy and start the process!!

Saturn Enters Scorpio

I’ve seen two great posts about Saturn entering Scorpio. Here’s one of them from Facebook. Soon as I can find the other one, I’ll post it.
Saturn enters Scorpio today-tonight- Oct 5th 2012.

Don’t be scared, we all have to do time together.
Wear protective clothing, stay warm, beware lead poisoning, bring a shovel and surveillance camera.
Supplies needed for next 2 years – Truth, honesty, tough exterior, warm heart and your third eye.

“Real and effective change and transformation is what we can hope for during Saturn in Scorpio. We can expect things to really take shape, the promises of Saturn after some hard work has been done. Saturn however is resistant to change and prefers stability. In Scorpio we are challenged to make Saturn work for us, by taking control and attending to the revolution at hand. Saturn in Scorpio doesn’t take it how it is, but strives to uncover anything that seems amiss, doesn’t miss a trick and doesn’t tolerate any BS. Anything that appears to be safely guarded will now be uncovered, or buried for good.”