Critical Degrees


I never quite got an explanation from my first teacher about what exactly a “Critical Degree” means. Whenever a planet reaches 29 degrees of a sign, it’s referred to as being in a “Critical Degree.”

To quote one of my favorite and highly recommended astrology blogs, The Oxford Astrologer:

“Now the 29th degree of any sign is an interesting one. Some astrologers call this, and the very first degree of a sign, critical degrees (me talking here…….this link will take you to cafeastrology’s explanation of all the critical degrees. Unless you’re pretty advanced, it will just be confusing). The qualities of the sign are said to be magnified. Isabel Hickey calls this the “degree of expiation” which means atonement.”

Basically, when a planet is at 29 degrees of a sign, it’s getting ready to move into the next sign. This is the Last Chance to take care of business – whatever the business is depends on the planet and the sign.

In this case Saturn, taskmaster, teacher, karma guy is in Libra, the sign of relationship and he’s been there for 2 1/2 years! So this week of Saturn at 29 degrees is more significant than the faster moving inner planets. Saturn moves into Scorpio on October 5th or 6th, depending on what part of the world you happen to inhabit.

If there’s a relationship to be mended, an apology to be made, you have about a week to do it. Good luck with that ;0)

Here’s a link to what The Oxford Astrologer has to say about this.


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