New Moon In Virgo


Hey folks!

Today’s new moon is in the sign of Virgo. Remember: New Moons are the times to celebrate the things we want to bring into – manifest  into – our lives!

Here’s a tricky little glitch, though…..It’s in late degree Virgo and Mercury (ruler of Virgo) is sitting right beside it, also in late degree of Virgo (late degrees are the ending of a sign as things transition into the next sign).

In order to bring in new stuff we need to make room for it, so let go of some of that “old stuff” that no longer serves its original purpose!

Take the next few days to plan instead of start something new, especially with this new moon and Mercury in the late degree of Virgo. This is a detail oriented moon!! If you’re lucky enough to have a good friend who happens to be a Virgo, run your plans by them** – as long as they haven’t fallen into the negative side of Virgo which can be hyper critical. Relax, Virgos – ALL signs have positive and negative aspects. We get to choose which ones we want to use.

**Ideas are seeds. Like seeds, they need to be protected and nurtured so they can grow into fruition. Some Native American traditions will not discuss new plans because they feel it depletes the energy. They may have a point. Trust your own intuition! Only share with someone who will offer constructive suggestions and support, not destroy it because of their own issues.

Happy Virgo New Moon!


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