Astro News 9/15/12


Hi everyone,

I don’t know if you’re having the same issues I am, but do you ever feel like someone changed reality and forgot to mention it to you?

People seem a bit daft? Drivers a bit wonky? Bosses – never mind. Not going there.

Things ARE changing and they’re changing fast. It’s difficult to keep up. The fact that you’re still here is your meter of measure that you’re doing pretty good, even if at times it may not feel like it.

And then there’s the Pluto/Uranus dance in the sky……Because two of my favorite astrologers said it so well, I defer to their recent articles.

I’m including a link from an astrologer in England about upcoming event (which is only the second of seven! This dance will continue until 2015) and an article from Facebook by an astrologer in Australia.


from AstroSparkles (I just love the name!) on Facebook:

One *heads up* done with our New Moon just over 24 hours away – and another *heads up* on the way – and frankly, this one is bigger. Much bigger.

You will recall the Yod from a few days ago. It involved Chiron sextiling Pluto, both of whom were inconjunct Venus. And with Venus in Leo, the wounds and destruction were likely to be around something to do with heart/pride.

When Pluto is involved in a big aspect, there are often global implications because Pluto is an outer/g

enerational planet, and his transits, unless they are affecting you directly within a couple of degrees, are not necessarily directly felt otherwise. Pluto retrograde for example, doesn’t hit everyone personally like Mercury retrograde. Until he hits globally.The Yod saw at least one major incident occur on the world stage – and that was the murders of the US Embassy Staff in Libya, as a result of a film which has been released in the US, apparently showing the prophet Mohammed in a bad light. I haven’t seen the film, nor do I want to, and I’m not here to discuss the politics or semantics because I don’t know enough about it – but I do know enough about the tinderbox that is the Middle East, and the accompanying anti-American sentiment, to understand how this Yod triggered what has happened – and what may be to come.In 3 days time, Pluto turns direct at 6deg57 Capricorn, where he is now. And September 19, we will have the second of the exact Pluto/Uranus squares. The squares that scream rebellion, upheaval, anarchy, revenge, shocks – and sometimes just straight out destruction – triggered by MERCURY, the planet of communication who will have moved into LIBRA by this time.

And the “icing” if you will, given this is a religious uprising of sorts – JUPITER is crawling in Mercury ruled Gemini, close to station and retrograde in less than 3 weeks. And that is a phenomenal amount of religious – or in other words what we believe in – pressure, moving into the Uranus/Pluto square, courtesy of Mercury – this T-square will be bursting at the seams.

I have no doubt that the Spooks are working overtime at the moment monitoring communications, which, given how tied in Mercury is, is a good thing. I just hope its enough – because there is one more aspect which will exact as all of this is going around us – and that is MOON conjunct MARS in Scorpio. And if anything can ignite a passionate, emotional response with blood, then that’s it.

Stay tuned and stay safe Sparklers – there will be a lot more of this story unfolding in the days, weeks and months to come.


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  1. ‘The fact that you’re still here is your meter of measure that you’re doing pretty good, even if at times it may not feel like it.’ …
    Sometimes it is awesome to witness this unfolding. Othertimes its, ‘And you’re SURE I volunteered to be here?’

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