My Magical Mystery Tour – Part 2


Once I started heading east there were no further problems with the RV. Nothing. It ran like a charm, albeit, a gas guzzling charm. This thing got 4 to 5 miles per gallon IF there was a good tail wind and we were headed downhill. I realized my funds weren’t going to last as long as I had hoped they would.

At my Arizona friend’s insistence and with finances somewhat strained, I gave the folks in Ramah a call. They were very friendly and we seemed to have a lot in common, so I decided to at least go for an afternoon visit. Four months later, only because winter was approaching, I said I had to leave.

Diana’s home was inside a gorgeous area of Ramah. Mountains, buttes and mesas made of beautiful Red Rock that Arizona is famous for envelop the area.

When she built her house, nestled in the pines, she had also included facilities for an RV, which was odd since she never owned an RV nor had any friends who owned RVs. She simply followed a hunch. The site inadvertently seemed custom made for my RV.

Ramah New Mexico is gorgeous. It is remote and virtually untouched. Some say spirits that once lived in Sedona have moved to this area. I can’t say that’s a fact, but I can say that Ramah certainly felt alive with spirit! My skin finally stopped prickling and tingling after a few days of adjusting to the high energy there.

One morning at the break of dawn I awoke suddenly. I looked around to see if Diana had come inside the RV. Apparently she had not, because the dogs were still asleep. It was so still and quiet I wondered what had waked me up. The sun was still below the horizon and outside was the magical glow of the promise of dawn. From my bed I looked out of the window and saw a beautiful, bright royal blue ball of light about the size of a basketball right above one of the mountains. It was moving slowly at a constant speed and I watched it slowly disappear into the top of the mountain. I’d never seen anything like it before and have not seen anything like that since. I was in awe and remain in awe now. Needless to say, I did not go back to sleep that morning!

It was in Ramah that summer that I met Lorenzo. Diana had the ability to draw people to her and by now a group of us had gathered at her place. She arranged a Sweat Lodge for us. Lorenzo and I sat beside each other in this sweat, a high honor for me. If you have never been in a Sweat and have the opportunity, take it! It is an ancient sacred rite of purification and magic happens during a Sweat facilitated by a Medicine Man. We were fortunate to have my friend Singing Bear as the facilitator.

I sweated buckets, more than I thought possible. Lorenzo sat calmly as if he was at the park. I later learned that he had been busy watching the beautiful white/blue spirit of Eagle that appeared to him. I saw nothing, but after that sweat I never had another migraine.

After leaving Ramah, I moved back to Grants to the same RV park I was in when this adventure began. I stayed there for three years. Lorenzo and I kept in touch and occasionally he came to visit. During one of these visits a couple staying at the park asked him to do a ceremony for them. I don’t even remember what it was for now. But during that ceremony was my first experience with the infamous Black Helicopters.

The RV park was bordered by a huge, ancient lava field on two sides. We decided that would be a good place to do the ceremony, as it was likely we would be undisturbed since lava fields can be treacherous to walk through.

We found a relatively flat spot, spread out the blanket and tools and began. When we were in the middle of the ceremony I saw something catch Lorenzo’s attention. By this time I had learned to wait and see what was happening. I didn’t say anything, but watched as he quietly did something. I had no idea what had caught his attention or what he had done. A few minutes later I heard the whirring sound way off in the distance. Three black helicopters appeared in the distance and were headed right for us. As they passed overhead, they were so low I could almost read the names on their uniforms. They didn’t even see us. I had lived next to this site for some time by now and had never seen any helicopters in the area, let alone the ‘dreaded’ black ones.

The four of us froze, mesmerized as the helicopters flew right over our heads. No one moved until the three of them were out of sight. I wondered what they were up to and why they didn’t see us. The couple he was doing the ceremony for was visibly upset by the helicopters appearance. Lorenzo calmed them down and continued remainder of the ceremony peacefully and without further interruption.

Lorenzo later explained he knew they were coming (he felt them before he heard them) and immediately threw an blanket of protection over all of us making us invisible before the helicopters came into sight. This was long before Harry Potter and his Cloak of Invisibility.

to be continued


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