Monday 9/3/12: Astrological Mixed Bag?


Wow. Today really is a mixed bag. Take your pick!!

The Moon is in Aires. The Moon rules emotions and Aires is the Fire Starter. This Moon is telling you to DO SOMETHING! and…..

Meanwhile, Venus (ruler of love, values, relationships) in sensitive Cancer is making an exact SQUARE to Saturn (boundaries, limitations, restrictions) in Libra (the SIGN that rules relationships).

So on one hand, you have your emotional self screaming DO SOMETHING about this, but sensitive Venus in Cancer feel restricted, limited and overwhelmed by it all. What to do?

My suggestion is NOT to make any sudden moves in a relationship (relationships can be spouse, parent/child, friends, boss etc), but instead take this time to do some self-evaluation – KIND AND GENTLE self-evaluation and release the things that have been holding you back. Remember, it really is about attitude and mindset.

That’s not all for today:

Mars in its home sign of INTENSE Scorpio makes a sextile aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. At least the 60 degree sextile is an easy aspect! Mars/Pluto is like Mars/Saturn times 10.

Mars is also making a TRINE (120 degree) aspect to Chiron (the wounded healer). Mars is ACTION. Are you seeing the pattern yet? (hint: Mars rules Aires and the Moon is in Aires, just shining its light on the whole scene).

And finally a quote from Kim Falconer:

“Pallas Athene conjunct Uranus square Pluto triggers potent energies of change and transformation. You will not want to sit this one out. By putting awareness on whatever has felt clogged,challenged or in any way stuck/yuk, you open the floodgates to cleansing renewal. Remember, this isn’t happening to you. You are happening!
So, the bottom line is that while it looks like a jumble of different aspects, it’s really not. It is several different opportunities, gifts from the Stars to LET GO OF THE CRAP YOU NO LONGER NEED. Be kind to yourself and others. It’s really important.

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