Pisces Full Moon


What a beautiful Blue Moon we have today! A Blue Moon is when a fourth FULL moon occurs in one of the QUARTERS (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter). The quarters usually have 3 moons each – one for each month. But back in the 1950s, one simple article in an almanac said that a blue moon happened when two full moons occur in the same month and it stuck.

That said, this Pisces Full Moon is dreamy and spacey. A nice place to lose yourself in for a while without worry about getting permanently lost – remember, the Sun is in Virgo! As if that’s not enough to pull you back to (this) reality, Mercury moves into Virgo tonight at 10:32 EDT. That’ll snap your thoughts back to paying attention to detail. So do your Full Moon Ritual early this evening!

Full Moons are times of fruition, release. A Pisces Moon is dreamy, visionary, romantic, sensitive. Gentle greatness. Artistic. Sympathy for the underdog. Think magical misty night. Romance.

Let yourself go, Virgo will pull you back.

Full Moon Ritual of Release

Have a glass of wine if you want. Me? I will indulge in creamy rich chocolateS and have a steamy cup of my favorite tea. Indulge yourself on this Pisces Moon. Give yourself a break from reality for a little while! Ritual is when we remember to breathe in the beauty of  life.

Set your dark bowl filled with water on the table in front of you and your light candles. I love floating candles. They add to the magical atmosphere created by the pillar candles. I love turning out all the lights and enjoying candle light. That’s my preference. Discover yours and go with it.

Write the things you want to release on dried bay leaves – the ones you buy in the grocery store. I find a Sharpie fine point works great. This is symbolic, this is yours, this is highly personal. Whatever you want to let go of can be drawn in a picture, written in a single word. Crush the bay leaf as you drop the pieces into the water. If you prefer, write it all out on paper then tear it into little pieces, letting go with each ripping sound and drop them into the water. The important thing is that you get it out of the mental/emotional into the physical so you can let it go. Writing it down is the physical stimulus.

If you’re a Taurus, you’ll probably feel most comfortable in your fuzzy old bathrobe. Libra will want to look coifed and perfect. Capricorn will be practical and Aquarius? She may want to really dress for the occasion. The point is, it’s YOURS. It doesn’t matter to anyone except to YOU. If you’re celebrating with friends, appreciate your uniquenesses. This is the time for delicious individuality. If you’re alone, appreciate YOUR uniqueness.

After you’ve indulged yourself and enjoyed your treats, thank the candles as you put them out. Thank the bay leaves and paper pieces for assisting you with your release. Thank the water for washing them away. Thank the bowl. Thank the pen. Thank spirit. Thank everything!!! Gratitude greases the wheels of the Universe. The Universe appreciates Gratitude. Try it and see.

As you pour the water down the toilet, thank the toilet for flushing away those things that no longer serve you.

Sleep well.


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