An Irrawaddy Dolphin Speaks



This post is so beautiful, I cut and pasted it from Facebook. If you are on Facebook, I highly recommend subscribing to Whale Communicators. Their messages from the cetaceans are filled with hope and inspiration. These days we all need, well ok, I need messages of hope, inspiration and love.

I also recommend their DVD set if you love whales and dolphins and/or are interested in interspecies communication.


The Irrawaddy (pictured below) are a fun loving, happy species of dolphin. I would call them a tribe ;0) of happy, fun loving dolphin.

We can make a difference, folks. We have to. It is up to us.

Whale Communicators

Communication with the Irrawaddy and Shannon Wise River Murray


When I grounded into the center of the Earth, opened my crown chakra to a blue communication color, and sent out a golden communication cord, immediately there were three Irawaddy Dolphins very excited to communicate. They appeared in beautiful blue-purple water as if they were looking into a window, each trying to get the best view! They were so much fun and sent so much Love to me. Here is our communication:

Do you have a message for me (or for mankind):

“Play more. Play means to enjoy and do: what is it you most love and do that as much as possible, non-stop! Real play leads to real laughter. Real laughter is healing and affects others – makes them feel better. We are always focused on helping each other feel better.

Humanity can do this, too. Humanity needs to feel better. Helping each other is a Circle of “feel better”. Meaning that each time you send a wish/desire for another to feel better, it sends an energy into the larger Circle. Each heart’s desire to help another goes out and it is always returned many times fold. (At this time the Dolphins are showing me a circle with all these points of light representing people along the edge. As I send out that energy for another to feel better, all the other points who are doing the same thing light up and return to me enmasse. We help ourselves feel better by first desiring to help another.)

If Humanity can understand that they are like a delicious fruit with many seeds. Each seed to plant is Love. Each seed of Love grows to produce many more fruits that have many more seeds. That is how each of you are. Your greatest power is to love. To send out as much Love as possible. It’s infinite! You are infinite! Consciously send out love.”

If you could depart one piece of wisdom to the human race you feel is invaluable for their evolution what would that be?

“When you love, you REMEMBER who you are. Evolution happens– it is a wild river that cannot be stopped. Accelerated, yes! Stopped? No. Everytime you love, you put a piece of the puzzle, your puzzle, back together. Each thread mends a broken heart.

Humanity does not see Itself. Each act of Love, whether it be sound, thought, feeling, touch or action ENGAGES the Mirror. Everytime you love, you see yourself, your True Self, in the Mirror and you remember who you really are. It is quite thrilling to see the magnificence of each other!!

Focus your [Mind’s] Eye upon another, ensure their well-being always and want the best and highest Good for them. Know that by doing this, you are tilling your soil, planting your Garden and reaping the fruits. Love is an ionic spin!! [of dazzling brilliance!- shown this.]”

Thank you so much for this! You told me and showed me at the same time! 🙂

Tell me what you love most about life.

“Togetherness. Friendships. Playing together. Being with each other because it FEELS so good to be with someone who is happy like me. We love to twirl, spin with the spin of Love. We connect with Love’s spin in everything: the water, currents, plant, sunlight, bubbles, movement. Breathing is fun, too! To feel the oxygen in our blood feeding our muscles, prompting us to move and play!!”

You love your environment?

“We appreciate our environment just as we love and appreciate each other. It’s all the same. We interact with the Water, Sun, food, other species the same way. They are all alive and have feelings– able to return the Love in their own special ways. It feels so good to be loved in all these different and amazing ways!!

Nothing disturbs us because we don’t live in that vibration. Humanity lives there more often. We descend/encounter this vibration to give you messages of Love. It gets your attention. We BELIEVE in Love more than anything else. That is why we endure to assist in the Awakening.”

Do you have anything you want to say to me directly?

“Focus on the Love frequency. Practice sending Love to us and being with us. This exercises your heart and makes you stronger in this way. For your body, continue to ground and release energy that does not serve you and love from your heart. For your finances, yes they are improving! Focus on examples of Abundance in Nature. See the hundreds of acorns that are falling from the Trees to be gathered by squirrels, seeded for the next generation and mulched to feed the soil. Spend time acknowledging all the seeds that are in fruits. Slice open a melon and just marvel at the hundreds of plants that will produce thousands of melons and more for you and many others!”

Thank you so very, very much my new friends! I am honored to be given this beautiful Love and communication. What can I do for you right now?

“You can send Love into the Waters. Love and bless and remember that Water is one our greatest forces of change on the planet. Let Love circulate, spread and take over the planet through the Water. Love the water.”


~Whale Communicators


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