Mars Entered Scorpio


On Thursday 8/23/12 Mars entered Scorpio. I didn’t have a chance to write a post about it because I was busy answering texts, emails and phone calls asking what the heck (I’m being polite) was going on!

Mars may be the planet of action, but it can be a bugger, too. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio (the modern ruler is Pluto), which means Mars feels quite at home.

Scorpio is a water sign while Mars itself is associated with the element of fire. Fire + Water = Steam!


This Mars in Scorpio is intense. It is making us look deep within at old emotions we have buried deep and forgotten on the surface. Talk about steam cleaning!

Just about everyone that got in touch with me was having work related issues. I certainly was!

Blue Moon Astrology had this to say about the event:



Thursday, Aug 23, 2012 at 8:24am PDT 

Mars in Scorpio is moxie: a steam-producing combination of fire planet in an emotionally-attuned water-element sign. The traditional ruler of Scorpio, it is here that the God of War strides especially strong, sometimes ominously so. Passion oozes. Mars’s usual marching orders require that he circumnavigate the land minds of emotion, and not waste precious time on such “feminine and frivolous” concerns asfeelings. Ordinarily sapped by emotional outlay, Mars is generally too busy moving forward on outwardly-focused, male pursuits such as achievement and conquest. But when Mars strides in the feminine-receptive, water sign of Scorpio, the emotions ARE the power source, the fuel that mobilizes and vitalizes.

There is power in emotional intensity, no doubt about it, and Mars in Scorpio knows how to harness it, for better or worse. Mars in Scorpio lives for intensity and this placement increases the need for partners who can plumb the emotional depths with us, who possess the shaman’s skill at navigating through these dark realms of the soul. This is not a terrain into which many of us venture willingly, most of us turn tail and run when we stare into that abyss. It takes deep, emotional courage, and a kind of crazy abandon, which is why Scorpio, and its modern ruler Pluto, rule the watery 8th house of intense emotion and passion, not Libra’s airy 7th house of partnership. We must first pass the test of 7th house commitment before we are admitted through the gates of the 8th. With Mars now in Scorpio, we are all standing at these gates. How many of us possess the courage to walk through?

By the way, Mars will be here through the first week of October. It could be worse, ya know.





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