Isn’t it amazing how something so beautiful like the word ‘heresy’ can become so vilified that people were burned at the stake for it? Calling someone a heretic now, at least in my neck of the woods, is derogatory slang

Heresy comes from the Greek word hairein meaning ‘to choose’, and that says it all really. The heretics are those who choose, whose ultimate source of authority is within, rather than without in the form of books and high priests/esses.” quoted from AstroTableTalk.

It’s all a matter of perception. It is human nature to view, understand and pass on this skewed understanding to others.

For example:

During an interview a member of another popular Russian band asked what was the big deal about Pussy Riot being charged with hooliganism that drew international attention and caused mega stars in the music industry to shout out on their behalf. He believed that they (Madonna, McCartney, etc) must have been “ordered” to say those things. He could not understand what the big deal was all about. If you haven’t heard about the ordeal, just google Pussy Riot and thousands of links will come up.

Another one that floored me, especially since I was around in the 1960s, was when a younger friend of mine told me he and his high school friends used to debate whether Jimi Hendrix was saying “Scuse me while I kiss th sky” or “Scuse me while I kiss this guy”. The internet hadn’t been invented by Al Gore yet (see??) and he didn’t have access to all that free information yet. Trust me when I tell you it was the later!

And that’s how it happens. I don’t believe we humans intentionally corrupt things, we simply see them from our limited perspective.


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