New Moon In Leo Today


New Moon in Leo! Remember, new moons are the time to work on the things we want to manifest in our life. In Leo, she’s all about romance and creativity and showmanship.

If this isn’t a perfect example of a new moon being romantic and showy, I don’t know what is!

This New Leo Moon sextiles the Mars/Saturn mating, which is fortunately now separating. Mars is blowing by Saturn, as usual.

But this sextiling Moon shines its energy (it’s a dark moon, but still powerful) on the remnants of the Mars/Saturn conjunction. To me it feels like a final double check to be sure you got the message Mars/Saturn was conveying to you. YOU. That’s where your natal chart comes in handy.

Lots of astrologers have referred to Mars/Saturn aspects as being loaded with energy and driving force. Well, dynamite is a driving force, right? I do prefer a milder method of motivation.

Oh, and if you’ve been feeling like perhaps the rest of the world has gone crazy lately, you’re not too far off. Yesterday, Uranus (weirdo) was dancing with Venus (relationships) and the Moon (emotions). So if you had a bit of an odd day, that could explain why.

Happy New Moon Celebrating!!


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