Mars & Saturn


Don’tcha just love it when you miss the blatantly obvious in-your-face stuff? Sometimes things are just too close to home for us to see.

Case in point:

I am a Capricorn  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn  .


My daughter is an Aires  Aires is ruled by Mars  .


Remember my post the other day warning about Mars/Saturn hooking up, causing major stress across the board today? You know, the one about how Stubborn Saturn doesn’t want to move and High Powered Mars wants nothing BUT to move – starting yesterday would have been better for martian Aires.

Capricorn is the Mountain Goat. Aires is the Ram.

I had to pick up some stuff at my Aires daughters house today. I knew better, I really did. I knew it would be better on another day. It was risky.  On the drive over there I knew I was in for something. And I was so right.

She pushed. I wouldn’t budge. Tension was pretty high and things were intensifying. Something or someone would have to give. Sometimes it is important to know when to let go, difficult as it may be. I decided to concede.

It was in that moment I realized that we were literally acting out the dynamics that were happening in the sky. We may as well have had on goat and ram costumes. Even though I’ve always known she was an Aires and I a Capricorn and that Mars rules Aires, Saturn rules Capricorn, I didn’t make the association until that moment.

The realization made me laugh. That eased the tension. I laughed at the Divine Comedy we get so serious about….You know, the one called Life?

It ended well. And she turned out to be right.


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