Tarot: The 6 of Swords


Since I woke up thinking about this card, I decided to make that my card of the day instead of drawing a card. And then, another thought occurred to me (warning: I have not had my cuppa oolong yet)………

I can either:

Draw a card randomly from the deck and observe how the day plays out


I can pull a specific card and focus on its meaning through out the day

They are two very different approaches! Drawing a card is a comment, sometimes a ‘heads-up’ from your Higher Self.

Pulling a specific card (as in searching through the deck for it) is me setting an intention for the day.

We manifest what we focus on. The 6 of Swords in Rider Wait & Hanson Roberts indicates that one is moving out of troubled waters into smoother sailing. Motherpeace has a different take on it (below).

Remember: The meanings change according to the deck you use.  Rider/Waite and Hanson Roberts are similar in picture and interpretation.

Rider Waite

Hanson Roberts


Vicki Noble writes so beautifully about this card in her book Motherpeace, A Way to the Goddess Through Myth Art and Tarot that I quote directly from the book.

“The Six of Swords is probably the most spiritual of the Sword cards, after the Ace. The women – or the parts of the personality – come together at a central point, carrying red roses of passion for healing the heart, as well as their knives of truth. They float together above the sacred grove of thirteen evergreen trees – a grove of the Goddess. In the background, the golden-brown color of the mountains tell us it must be autumn, the season of the Death Goddess.

As the women join in flight, they think to themselves, ‘Something is dying, but at least we have a clear idea of what is really happening. It may not be pleasant, but the ability to see things as a whole always feels good in its own right. At least we’re out of range of the pain and confusion.’ The card represents perspective, getting distance, and taking care of the hurt parts of the self.”

Which one is my favorite? All of them 🙂

If you decide to experiment with the difference between drawing a random card and choosing one to focus on through out the day, please drop me an email and let me know if you felt/saw/experienced a difference in the two approaches. Also let me know whether or not it’s ok to publish your response in here.


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