Ann Curry: My New Hero


According to the articles I’ve read on line and in line at the grocery store, Ann Curry refused to bend to the Madison Avenue Never Aging Barbie Doll image that constantly bombards every possible opening to our subconscious. She says she refused to dye her graying hair. She liked to wear bright, cheery clothes and was ridiculed for it (by her bosses). She proudly claims her wrinkles and cellulite as part of her genetic make-up. She wanted to wear clogs, but the powers-that-were insisted on the ankle breaker high-heeled stilts that pass as shoes. GREAT FOR HER! What a giant step forward for women! Her reward? She got fired.

But she had the guts to take a stand and that is huge. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her. I think she’s at the tip of the crest of a building tsunami. Watch and see. Barbie had her day. Real women are beginning to take stands. RIP, Barbie.

Addendum: This is what I was trying to say 🙂  Thanks  Chrysalis Woman

‎”When sleeping women wake, mountains move”

Chinese Proverb

(Art by Trea Jensen)


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