Mercury Goes Direct As Mars Approaches Saturn. Yuck.


Pardon me, but I don’t understand all the cheers about Mercury stationing direct today. Mercury goes backwards and forwards three or four times a year just to keep things interesting for us Earthlings, I guess. I personally think the little guy got more credit than was due for the chaos of the past three weeks. After all, Neptune is in its own sign of Pisces (ah, that might explain a lot – hard to see through all that fog and smoke & mirrors, eh?). Pluto and Uranus continue their celestial cardinal square dance and will be doing their do-si-do-ing for a long time (don’t go there). We had a Full Moon in eccentric Aquarius. That’s a light show in itself!

Here’s the one that’s bugging me and has been for some time. Have you noticed Mars is rushing toward Saturn as fast as its little red legs will carry it? Mars is always in a hurry and Saturn is not. Ever. Saturn is bigger. Guess who usually wins. So if you’ve been trying to get things accomplished, but keep running into obstacles and setbacks, look at these two guys. Mars reaches Saturn on Wednesday, August 15th at 24’29 Libra. We’re just feeling the screws tightening right now.

Admittedly, I may be feeling this a bit more than everyone else because this is my third phase of my second Saturn Return. Yeah, Saturn has been sawing back and forth over my 26 degree natal Saturn in Libra for some time and I’m quite ready for it to make itself useful somewhere else. Those of us born around the same time must have been some very stubborn souls (or slow learners). Why else would we agree to have Saturn steam roll forward, backward, forward over itself? Did I mention Saturn is the taskmaster of the planets?

This annoying Mars/Saturn conjunction is 2 degrees from my natal Saturn, which is close enough for me! I can either see it as the lump of coal becoming a diamond or someone turning up the heat on a pressure cooker in progress.

Some astrologers are calling this Mars/Saturn conjunction a time of hard work paying off, things coming to fruition, goals reached, progress made. I sincerely hope they’re right, but I’m not holding my breath. I am sure for some it will be. How YOU will experience it depends on where 24’ Libra falls in your chart and what planets you have in Cardinal signs.

On the up side Venus moved into Cancer yesterday and the Moon is in Taurus making a nice sextile. Can you say comfort food as you curl up in your favorite chair?



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