Healing Icons and Gotu Kola


Last week in a moment of sheer carelessness and disregard for that little warning voice that we often tend to ignore, I did a very stupid thing and ended up falling, most ungracefully. I’m tempted to blame it on the disturbingly early hour and the fact that I hadn’t had my tea. I’m lucky I didn’t break something.

It actually began the night before when my friend dropped off my plants that I had left in his care when I moved from South Carolina. He was on his way to Pennsylvania and I met him en route near the interstate. As soon as we got the plants transferred to my car as we both got back into our vehicles, the storm that had been threatening all evening finally decided to explode. The sky turned into a lovely light and sound show, which continued into the night. I finally decided to go to bed and plant them the next morning. The Moon would be in the sign of Cancer until 6:13 A.M. and I wanted to get these little guys in the ground before it moved into Leo. Otherwise they’d have to wait a few weeks for a decent planting moon.

It was 5:30 the next morning when I went outside to plant these little Gotu Kolas (it’s one of my favorite herbs and hard to find the plants). I had 43 minutes to get these babies in the ground. My shovel was in the shed behind the house. On my way to get the shovel I marveled at what a beautiful morning it was. I got to the shed, reached for the door and lifted my foot to step on the ramp into the shed. It was in that instant that the little voice in my head said, “Watch out! It’s ….”. The rest of that sentence was “slippery”. But before that thought was finished, I found myself in that strange place where time stops and I was aware that I was no longer touching the ground. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t touching anything. Twas a strange feeling.

Again I heard that little voice. This time it was telling me to bounce, that it would be ok. I wondered what would be ok and realized that it was talking about me! Somehow I managed to relax and remind myself that I had learned how to fall when I took Aikido. All of that happened in a nanosecond.

When my backside hit the ground I literally bounced, but not back up to a standing position like I had planned. I bounced more like an underinflated basketball and rolled backwards. When I stopped bouncing and rolling I sat still for a few seconds and did a quick mental check. Everything seemed to be okay. I thought it was strange that I felt no pain and was happily surprised to discover I hadn’t broken anything as I stood up. I still cannot figure how I whacked my shin, but there was no question about it. I had indeed whacked it hard. I have no idea why I didn’t break something. I have no explanation for it, but I do have a lot of gratitude!

I brushed myself off. Since everything seemed to be working, I decided to keep going. This time I bypassed that treacherous ramp and hoisted myself up into the shed directly from the ground. I got the shovel, carefully climbed back out, still avoiding that ramp, dug the holes and planted my little plants safely in the ground. When I came back into the house it was 6:01 A.M.

My shin was beginning to look rather nasty. A knot the size of an egg began emerging and it was beginning to look like I was wearing a purple sock on that foot. Later that morning when I showed it to my neighbor he told me I was going to be amazed at the colors it was going to turn as it healed. They would be colors I had never seen before. (He was proven correct over the next two weeks). He couldn’t believe it didn’t hurt. I couldn’t believe myself and I wasn’t even stiff.

A week and a day later it still looked like I was wearing an oddly colored, lumpy knee-hi on that leg. It was at then that it began to hurt. My guess is that the nerves were finally coming back online and letting me know they were not happy.

When I told my apprentice in Arizona about it he asked me if I had used my kukui on it yet. I had not even thought about it mainly because it didn’t hurt – until then. He also suggested that I put a few drops of the Bach Flower Remedy Star of Bethlehem in a bucket of water and soak it because that part of my leg had been in shock for over a week. Good call. Made sense. I knew better, I just didn’t think about it. By the way his work is very good. Calling him ‘my apprentice’ is his idea.

After we got off the phone I got my kukui and held it gently on the goose-egg that was once a straight shin. My left hand was supporting the calf of my leg while my right hand with the kukui was on the shin itself. The healing energy that poured in through the kukui and my hands into my leg surprised even me. The next morning the swelling was reduced by half. I repeated the process. That day the bruising began clearing rapidly and dramatically.

I haven’t mentioned these little healing icons (kukuis) on this blog yet, so this is a new topic, which I will write more about soon. This is really just a brief intro and only because of what mine did for my leg.

Short synopsis of kukuis: When I was an apprentice myself, my teacher taught me how to make them. It takes about 3 weeks to create each one and each one is personalized for its owner. When its person holds their kukui on another’s pain or wound, they become a conduit for healing energy. No prior healing experience is necessary. It does not negate any other healing modality. All that is necessary for a kukui to help is the intention of its owner to try to help. The key word there is try – more about that, too, coming soon.

I have taught my apprentice how to make them and his are fantastic. He makes me so proud! We’re getting ready to start making them again for people who want one, so if you’d like more information before I get it posted in here, please email me (medicinewoman8@yahoo.com)  One of us will get back to you as soon as we can.


Update: The Gotu Kola plants are doing great! The bruising is completely cleared up. The goose-egg is just about gone, but it peeled like a bad sunburn?? I thought that was weird.  Here’s a picture of one of the Gotu Kolas:


Here’s a little kukui waiting for its owner. This one is heart-shaped! 


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