This past Saturday was a good day at the local farmers market. The corn was unusually vibrant (by comparison to the stuff I’ve been seeing in the grocery store), so I bought half a dozen ears. This was fresh from the field corn. It almost tingled in my hand.

When I got home and began shucking the ears I noticed that the silks were particularly glowing and also vibrant, so I decided not to throw them away, but to make an infusion and drink it.

Cornsilk is a gentle herb, a part of the plant most of us toss without giving a second thought. It’s wonderful nourishment for the urinary system. Indians used it for boils and  a cup of the infusion has even been reputed to soothe PMS. An infusion is another word for very strong tea. Cornsilk is a very soothing to body and soul.

Of course, if you have an allergy to corn, you will also have an allergy to the corn silk!

The next time you buy unshucked corn on the cob, instead of tossing the silks, why not make an infusion and try it? Trim off the brown part and use the healthy looking pale yellow threads. I personally like to simmer a handful of the silks gently in about a cup and a half of water for 15 to 20 minutes. It makes a clear liquid and doesn’t have much taste, but it’s not the taste I’m after.

By the way, those brown ends on the silks are nature’s way of announcing that this particular ear of corn is ripe and ready. Nature is constantly sending us messages, all we have to do is remember to pay attention.

Hopefully, your corn comes from your local farmers market, too, and is grown from NON-GMO seed. Buying locally not only supports your neighbor, it is better for you. Foods from the area you live in have the energy of the land, the same energy you live in every day. Food imported from other areas, whether it’s another state or another country has a slightly different vibration. Our bodies –miraculous as they are – have adapted to these “foreign” vibrations, but are able to better handle local foods. The difference may be so subtle, only someone extremely in tune would notice an immediate difference, but it does make a difference over the long run.


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