Full Moon In Aquarius


Woohoo! Hold on to your socks, friends. This full Moon is in the electrifying sign of Aquarius (Click Aquarius then click the blue underlined words if it doesn’t start playing – what can I say? Mercury is retrograde!). Which shouldn’t make any sense because Aquarius is FIXED AIR. But guess who rules Aquarius in modern astrology?? Uranus! You know, the one who dares to be different by rolling around the sun when everyone else spins nicely like a top?

This would not be a good time to stand in your rowboat with your aluminum-fishing pole pointed at the heaves and dare the gods to zap you – they just might! Think The Tower in the Tarot deck.

Full Moons are times of releasing the old stuff and I cannot think of a better Full Moon to do this on than this one! Be darn sure you want to release whatever you say you do, because it very likely will happen in ways you don’t expect and couldn’t guess in a million years (think Tower above), especially since the trickster Mercury is still Retrograde and will be for another week or so. When Mercury is REtrograde, REthink, REdo, REcharge, REvamp, RE-everything while Mercury appears to be going backwards in the sky (it’s not really going backwards, but it looks like it is).

Back to the Full Moon in Aquarius. 

This fun loving royal Leo Sun opposing this full Moon in Aquarius is a sure fire (pun intended) time to make your releasing ceremony outlandish, fun and as Uranianly quirky as you dare to be. Dance in the moon light or dance in your living room. Celebrate letting go of the old stuff that no longer fits.

I like to set a dark bowl filled with water and some floating candles on the table and write out the things I want to release. I have used small pieces of notebook paper to write on and other times I have used dried bay leaves – the kind you buy in the grocery store. As long as your clear intention is focused when you are writing, a simple word or two gets the message across. I sometimes think this might even be more powerful since symbols take us to a whole new level.

If I wrote my stuff on paper, I tear each one individually into little pieces, mentally seeing all energy cords unplugged from whatever I’m letting go of as I drop the pieces into the water in the bowl. If I wrote on bay leaves, I crush them into little pieces, again with the visual of unplugging all energy cords as I sprinkle them on the water. I usually wait until the next morning to empty the bowl. If it’s just bay leaves I may pour it out onto the ground. If it’s paper, I may flush it down the toilet (that’s really getting rid of it). It just depends on what feels right at the time.

It’s great if you have some supporting friends and all do this together. Make it a pot luck, make it a pizza night, make it a formal banquet. Make it personal. Make it yours. Make it as fancy or as plain as you want.

Oh, yeah. Once you pour out the water, don’t plug the cords back into your mental socket! Know that it is taken care of.

And for the finale 


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