Rising Food Prices?


Ya know, we’ve broken record high temperatures and news reports are saying the mid-west has dust-bowl like conditions. Crops are not producing as expected which is going to raise the price of food. It may even skyrocket to where basic necessities are unaffordable for the average person, especially those on fixed incomes.

I hope I am wrong.

But, why not pick up extra cans of food now? Especially the stuff on sale. Canned goods are not the most nutritious, but they will keep for quite a while. Bags of beans, bags of rice, whatever YOU like. These things could become lifesavers over the coming months. And if I am wrong and prices don’t go through the roof, you’ll have some extra on hand for that unexpected company that may come knocking on your door. Remember to get extra cans of pet food, too.

These are interesting and unpredictable times. It’s best to be prepared. Wouldn’t hurt to freshen your first aid kit, too.


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