Monday Morning


Wow! What a difference a day makes. The energy shift is almost palpable!

The Moon has moved into Capricorn and will conjunct Pluto this afternoon at 1:03 pm (EDT) lighting up the Pluto/Uranus square once again. Electrifying!

But the let’s-take-care-of-business Capricorn Moon (ruled by no foolishness Saturn)

will help ground that energy and make it quite useable.

The Royal Leo Sun is heading for a trine with firey Uranus (in Aires) this evening.

Lots of Fire Energy today, cooled by the level headed Saturn ruled Moon – which is a really good thing today!

It’s an unusually awesome combination – that electrical energy that is always Uranus plus the firey Leo Sun and the deep power of Pluto in Capricorn lit up by its meeting today with the Capricorn Moon.

Lots of energy, but not that out of control stuff that we’ve seen in the past few weeks (I hope). There may be a few surprises in store, though.

Can you say “Change”?

One more thing…..Every planet orbits the Sun. Every planet with the exception of Uranus rotates on their invisible axis as they make their way around our sun in the the solar system we call home. Uranus rolls around the Sun like a ball. It just *has* to be different! Which is why I love it.


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