Another VOC Moon!


Hmmm….The writer’s block gates seemed to fly open this morning as I awoke. I wonder how this will play out.

Today the Moon is once again Void of Course all day. A Void of Course Moon means that the Moon doesn’t make any more exact (major) aspects before it changes signs. So what, right? It’s unusual because we just finished a l.o.n.g. VOC Moon this past Wednesday when the Moon left Libra and entered Scorpio. A Scorpio Moon is usually intense (as you would expect from Scorpio). But when it’s VOC it loses it’s power no matter what sign it’s in. It just kinda hangs there. If you’ve been feeling a lack of motivation or listless or just want to sleep a lot more than usual over the past few days and can’t figure out why, then good for you! You’re in tune with the Cosmos.

When the Moon is VOC it is NOT a good time to start anything new because it will likely not come to fruition. It’s certainly not a good time to start a business nor would you want to get married on a VOC Moon. It’s kinda the “meh” stage of the Moon.

Why is this a topic? Well, a VOC Moon is not unusual. They happened frequently for anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. What IS unusual is the length of time it has stayed Void recently. This Scorpio Moon is VOC for about 30 hours, but don’t worry. As with everything here in the physical, nothing lasts forever and the Moon moves into Sagittarius at 1:18 AM (EDT) Saturday the 28th.

I suggest that you experiment with this for yourself and see how it affects YOU (there are many Moon VOC calendars available for free on line – just google Void of Course Moon Calendar). I’m suggesting this because nothing seems to be working the way it used to or is supposed to! It seems that the paradigms are changing and we’re struggling to keep up. Have you noticed it?

For me personally, when the Moon is VOC, it seems as if time stands still. It reminds me of when I’m walking through the woods and suddenly I notice the silence – no birds, no squirrels scurrying hardly any bugs buzzing. That silence gives me pause.


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