New Moon In Cancer Tonight


For those who love ceremony new moons are one of the most wonderful times to celebrate. The energy of the new moon is optimistic, new beginnings. It is a time to plant the seeds of our wishes, hopes and dreams that we want to nurture and bring into our lives.

New moons are when the Sun and Moon join together in their eternal celestial dance through the heavens and she becomes almost invisible. Celebrating the phases of the moon is as ancient as humanity itself. It is a time to reconnect to the natural cycles of life. The dark of the moon is symbolic of the womb.

You can celebrate alone or with friends. It can be as simple as lighting a birthday candle, no candle or as many candles as you want. It can be as elaborate and beautiful – or as simple – as you want to make it. Make it yours.

This new moon tonight is in the nurturing sign of Cancer, the most powerful of the water signs (Cardinal signs initiate action and Cancer is the cardinal water sign). Cancer moons are very fruitful. The old timers knew to plant their seeds in the ground on an increasing light moon (the time from new to full) and when the moon is a fertile sign (an earth sign or a water sign) for the best results. Moon in Cancer is one of the best planting moons.

We can do the same thing for our dreams hopes and wishes. This is a wonderful time to make and plant your own personal seedling.

For my ceremony I light a few candles that I use only for New Moon Ceremonies. I have a piece of paper and a pen at hand and write down with as much detail as possible, the things I’d like to see manifest in my life. When I’ve finished writing, I look over and revise my list for a while. The old adage of be careful what you ask for comes into play here. I do not recommend asking for anything that involves a specific person without their express permission, no matter how good your intentions are or anything that could possibly harm another. Remember: this is about YOU.

When I’m satisfied with the list I fold the paper several times and sit quietly with the energy until the ceremony feels complete.

Around the time the new moon is exact, I like to go outside, dig a small hole and gently plant my new little seedling (the folded piece of paper I wrote on) in the ground. No worries. It doesn’t have to be exactly at the time of the new moon. There is a three-day grace period on either side of its exact moment, but the closer to the time of the new moon, the stronger the energy and the more magical it feels.

The new moon is exact at 12:24 AM Eastern July 19th/ 9:24 PM Pacific July 18th . If you’re on the East Coast and reading this on Wednesday, it’s tonite!


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