What A Week We Have In Store!


A Grand Cardinal Cross with not so savory planets!!

This is a heads up, folks. I like to use astrology to know when to stand up and when to sit down. This coming week is the time to lay low AND keep your head down!

We’ve been experiencing the Pluto/Uranus square for some time now. Both planets move slowly so the approach of the upcoming crunch has been felt for a long time (see? It’s not just you!).

Pluto rules our unconscious stuff, the stuff we hide from ourselves until it erupts like a volcano and we have no choice but to deal with it. Pluto is sort of like a forest fire that clears out old growth so that new growth can take place. Pluto is in Capricorn (Cardinal Earth). Capricorn rules structured big businesses, aka corporations which accounts for all the hullabaloo regarding corporations.

On the other hand Uranus is the stuff that blindsides us. Uranus rules the sudden, the unexpected, the unusual, the unpredictable. Uranus is in Aires (Cardinal Fire), So when Pluto and Uranus are making 90 degree angles (square) to one another, we can expect the unexpected in deeply powerful ways.

As if that isn’t enough…….This week Mars joins the game as it moved into Libra (Cardinal Air) and moves to make another 90 degree aspect to both Pluto and Uranus this week.

Imagine Pluto is the stick of dynamite, Uranus is the fuse and Mars is the match……

And there’s more. The Moon will be in Cancer (Cardinal Water) while this is taking place and will make another 90 degree angle, making this a GRAND CARDINAL CROSS. The Moon is at home in Cancer which rules emotions, so we can watch for STRONG emotional upheavals ahead.

I personally have already experienced an unexpected blow up from someone I thought I could trust. There are probably more to come!

Refusing to be left out, Jupiter will also be on the sidelines in Gemini also at 7 degrees. Jupiter is the planet of abundance. LOTS of explosive stuff ahead. Gemini is mutable air, so it could fan the flames.

Whew! Whatever happens, try not to react! Keep as low a profile as possible.

Oh, yeah, Saturn’s in the mix, too, but this is enough!


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