Card for the Day: The Fool


The Fool is a wonderful card! It indicates new beginnings, something you’ve never done before.

 Notice how he appears to be stepping off the Cliff of Unknowning with his trusty little white dog beside him, ready for a new adventure. This picture reminds me of what it must have felt like when our souls decided to incarnate once again on this earth plane to continue the unfinished lessons from the previous lifetimes!

The little white dog is our intuition. We all have an intuitive inner working, but most of us have learned how to force it in to silence – except in an extreme life or death emergency situation. We can retrain ourselves to hear that little inner voice of knowing. It has not gone away, it’s just waiting patiently for us to remember it.

When The Fool appears in a reading – always depending on the other cards around it – you know something new is about to take place.

Blessings & Peace!!



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