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Best Tarot Reading Ever


I love crossroads. I must love them because I continually find myself at yet another intersection. Which way should I go this time?

Things are always in flux and now more than ever it is pretty important to go with the flow. Trying to remain in old paradigms will not only be uncomfortable, they are no longer working the way they did at one time and it may even cost you your life if you don’t listen to your inner navigation system. It is always your choice and yours alone, regardless of extenuating circumstances. As long as you are in your physical body, you have choice – albeit, they may be crappy choices! I can speak from personal experience on that one 😉

This morning I just wanted to chat with my Higher Self, my Aumakua. Things are pretty intense and I needed some reassurance or redirection. Lately, my Aumakua has been rather gentle with me, thank goodness, which lets me know that these transitions are not just my imagination.

The message below may be the best one ever. Ever.

I’m printing my dialog with my Self beneath it if you’re interested.

Note to reader: I have a unique relationship with my Higher Self/Aumakua.

First card: 10 of Swords. End of Strife. Ok, that’s good!

Next card: 7 of Wands. Defending myself. Competition. Staying on top of the pile.

“Really, Dude? Seriously? One good card then a contradiction? I’m not up for this.”

At this point I’m not in a real big hurry to see the third card, but since I started I make the choice to continue and decide to stop whining for a moment anyway.

Third card: 10 of Wands. The harvest is in and I’m on my way to sell my bounty! Judging by the bundle he’s carrying, it has been a great harvest. Ok, things are looking up. I think. Maybe these years of hard work and strife are finally going to begin to pay off?

Fourth card: Knight of Swords. The most active card in the deck. The NEED to ACT, get back in the game (and stop whining – I’m really good at whining).

<< This does not mean I need to run get my horse and begin acting like Paul Revere! >>

Things aren’t looking too shabby at this point. The last card is still to come and now I want to see it! I’m a bit braver than when I first began the reading.

Fifth card: 7 of Cups. High Choices. I’ve seen this card a gazillion times. It’s one of my favorites! But this is the first time I’ve seen/realized that is ME in the middle with the cover over my head. Am I ready to take that cover off?

Flashes of insights begin pouring in. All this time I’ve been missing this? Seriously?

Things are hidden in plain sight. We see them when we are ready.

I wanted validation. I needed to be reassured that this was not wishful thinking on my part after so many setbacks (or seeming setbacks – often times it’s the Universe protecting you because circumstances are not quite right or ready). I breathed. Before I drew a Clarification Card, the final card of the reading that would validate or correct my interpretation,  I stated aloud “I need to know if I’m on track. I need a card that will leave no doubt in my mind what so ever.”

The Magician! I could not have asked for a better confirmation of my interpretation. The choice is indeed up to me whether to move ahead or remain with the “blanket over my light”.

The Magician is me. It is also you. YOU are the Magician. I am the Magician. Everything is already inside of each of us, we only have to figure out where we put it! Sometimes, THAT is the journey my friend.