Spiritual: You Just Never Know


I love candles. I have some in every room and burn them every day. They inspire me, give me hope and remind me of the Light that is still in this world even though we can’t see it very often.

We never know when Spirit will send us a message and if we’re not careful and paying attention, we just might miss it. I almost did, but something caught my attention this morning as I started to throw this spent candle. Can you see it?


Here are a couple of different angles…..blurry seems to help, the photographs are not doing it justice.









Instead of seeing a spent candle that had melted into a blob of wax, I saw the heart. This little candle had burned itself out, shaped itself and left a lovely, final message.

Magic happens all the time, all around us and we mostly miss it.

Instead of seeing a blob of wax, I saw the heart shape.

Soften your vision and remember to breathe.

Listen to your heart.





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