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Spiritual: You Just Never Know


I love candles. I have some in every room and burn them every day. They inspire me, give me hope and remind me of the Light that is still in this world even though we can’t see it very often.

We never know when Spirit will send us a message and if we’re not careful and paying attention, we just might miss it. I almost did, but something caught my attention this morning as I started to throw this spent candle. Can you see it?


Here are a couple of different angles…..blurry seems to help, the photographs are not doing it justice.









Instead of seeing a spent candle that had melted into a blob of wax, I saw the heart. This little candle had burned itself out, shaped itself and left a lovely, final message.

Magic happens all the time, all around us and we mostly miss it.

Instead of seeing a blob of wax, I saw the heart shape.

Soften your vision and remember to breathe.

Listen to your heart.





Herbs: Stinging Nettles


One of my favorite herbs. If you’ve ever encountered this magnificent beauty, you will remember it. Here’s a picture of one in my herb garden

She may look innocent, but if you even brush up against her, it feels as if you’ve stuck your hand in fire….. and it feels like that for about 24 hours! Even after that, the skin that she touched remains tender. This is one plant that will not be ignored. I was not surprised to find that Mars is its planetary ruler (Mars rules sharp pointy things like needles and knives) because this little beauty is covered with tiny stinging hairs that are almost invisible.

Ah ha! I was not being whiney!  Mrs. M. Grieve, author of A Modern Herbal writes:

“……a burning sensation of pricking, just as if hot irons had been applied, the pain extending and continuing for many hours or even days”

I concur!

So why would anyone want this plant around? Because it has phenomenal healing properties and once cooked (assuming you can get it into a pot without screaming). It’s an old time remedy for stiff joints and muscle loss; it’s been used as a kidney tonic, bronchial and asthmatic issues, ague (a febrile condition with symptoms of chills, fever and sweating) and goiter according to Mrs. M. Grieve.

I just like it because it tastes great cooked or as a tea and it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Dawn Greeting & The New Year


Astrologically the new year beings on the Vernal Equinox. Long before I began my spiritual practice or began studying astrology, starting a new year in the middle of dreary winter just didn’t make sense to me. As a precocious child I would question adults for some logical explanation, but never received a satisfactory answer.

Imagine my delight to find out that indeed the new year begins on the first day of Spring – my favorite time of the year – not only in astrology but also in my spiritual practice!

This morning my dear friend Cathie and our two dogs celebrated the Rising Sun on this first day of the New Year.


In my tradition the unfinished projects, failures, disappointments and hurts of the past year are released ceremoniously as the new sun rises. It is a time of new beginnings. It is a sacred and powerful experience.

To add to the specialness of this Dawn Greeting with my beloved Atlantic Ocean, the moment Cathie and I entered our private silences of release, a dolphin surfaced directly in front of us. Three times it came out of the water not more than a few feet away as it swam past and disappeared.

I could not have asked for a more magical message from Spirit! I think this is going to be a very magical year……

Crystals & Stones: Black Tourmaline


For psychic protection Black Tourmaline is awesome! Carry a stone in your pocket or wear it as jewelry. (Shameless Self Promotion: I happen to make awesome spiritual jewelry. See store or email for more information).

Here’s a picture of some rough-polished stones that fit nicely into a pocket

Black Tourmaline isn’t showy or flashy, but it does a great job blocking negative energies that abound in these times.

One of my jobs is to daily clear attachments (entities, effluvia, etc) from people. I have clients all over the country who call for periodic check ups, some more often than others for various personal reasons.

Hospitals, bars, cemeteries are full of confused souls who don’t know they’re dead, but they are by no means the *only* places. These misguided souls will stick to a person for a multitude of reasons. If you’re curious about this and want to read a good book about it, read The Unquiet Dead by Dr. Edith Fiore.

Besides ghosts, we constantly walk through a sea of emotions that people inadvertently or intentionally leave behind. Have you ever been walking along, minding your own business and suddenly found yourself in a bad mood? You may have walked through a spot where a couple of people were having an argument or someone stood for a while mulling over – and dumping – a recent argument. If we could see it all, we’d probably never move!

We’re also unaware of the power of thoughts. Thoughts are things and people practice black magic all the time without realizing it. Whenever someone is angry and thinks terrible thoughts about another, that person receives the energy. Black Tourmaline blocks this from the wearer.

The same thing happens with positive thoughts, especially love. Black Tourmaline does *not* block this wonderful energy!

As an experiment I sent one of my clients a couple of stones a few months ago. Normally this person needed clearing at least once a week if not more often, but since keeping the stones in their pocket, I have not had to do one clearing! Proof enough for me.