Monthly Archives: February 2012

Journeying: Journey to Reclaim


It was going beautifully. Sally and Tamu (who live with me in the physical) accompanied me for the second time. Charlie and Kira (my beloved deceased German Shepherds) also joined.

My intention was to reclaim/recover missing pieces of myself that I had inadvertently given away through out my life and to return those I had inadvertently taken from others. Unfortunately, in this western world (the US), we are not taught about this, how it works, why it happens or what to do about it.

Every time we give our power away, we give away – quite willingly – pieces of our souls. And others take them. Sometimes without realizing it and sometimes intentionally. Sometimes it’s malicious, but often it is not.

It was going well. Kira, Tamu and Charlie were helping me find the missing pieces, bringing some of mine back, trading those I had taken for the return of mine. Sally’s job was to stay by my side.

When it felt like enough for the day we landed in a beautiful green meadow. Butterflies and flowers were everywhere and the grass was heavenly. The dogs ran and played with one another. It was so good to see Charlie and Kira again. Kira was respectfully interrogating Sally to see if she was doing a proper job according to her standards and decided she was.

Vulture and I merged. I held out my arms/wings and felt the warmth of the Sun on my feathers.

When it was time to leave we gathered in our respective places again.

“I need validation, confirmation that this is real and not my imagination,” I said.

At that instant Tamu’s nose touched my finger in this dimension. I smiled.

The drumbeat changed to call back and I reluctantly headed back after saying goodbye to Kira and Charlie (it’s not really good bye, as they are never far from me in any reality).

Sally, Tamu and I came back into our bodies as the callback grew more urgent (bear in mind I have on headphones).

As the drum began to wind down I opened my eyes. I made no other movement.

Sally suddenly woke up. Tamu opened his eyes and looked at me. A Vulture flew by the window.

That’s three. Nice confirmation.