Journey: November 29, 2011


Today I began my journey with a single intention – a single question: What went wrong?

Humans are the only species that are bent on destroying themselves and everything in their world. Are we a cancer of this great planet or did something go wrong eons ago?

We have been misled to believe (at least in the western hemisphere) that human beings are the superior species on the planet. If that were true, we would be protecting and nurturing all life here. We would not be heading pell mell towards self destruction.

Something had to have gone wrong. I can feel it in my core and it won’t leave me alone.

I decided to begin this Journey in the Lower World. My wonderful powerful animal was waiting for me when I arrived. We travelled for quite a while. I struggled to maintain focus on my question.

After a seemingly long time – or was it a split second? – just as I was close to giving up, I heard      “Words”

The signal to return began and we headed homeward. I said Thank You and returned to this reality and began to process the journey.

One word:    Words.

I thought about it for a while. It was delicate and elusive. I had to be careful and allow it to unfold. Too much thinking could destroy it. “It” was an essence in and of itself (this is extremely difficult to explain).

This is what evolved and is still evolving…….

Language allows lies and deceptions. Intuition, the language of plants, animals, minerals, all of nature does not allow for deception. Someone told me that animals ‘know’, but they don’t know that they know, eluding to their “inferiority”. That is incorrect. Animals do know. They know they know. We are the ones who are confused. We humans ‘know’, but we don’t know that we know. We have forgotten who we are.

Continuing the unfoldment……

Thoughts are things. Thoughts become words. Words are things. Thoughts and words create our reality. You can change your world by changing your thoughts.

Every single thing humans have created began with a thought or an idea. That thought or idea came from inspiration.

We believe what we think and think what we believe. What we speak out loud becomes manifest in the created world, thus we are constantly creating our realities moment to moment. Most of the time our words seem to take on a life of their own and can quickly get out of control. We have a hard time turning off the mind chatter.

I can’t help but wonder who or what hardwired humans to begin communicating with words. The intention may have been good or malefic or an experiment. Or maybe their own egos were so out of control they wanted to create themselves in their own image here in the physical. That I do not know and feel that it is not time for us to know – yet. It does not feel appropriate to ask.

Whatever the intention, language/words/thoughts have gone beyond being distractions. We have lost our awareness of connectedness with all and now see ourselves as separate. Many mistakenly see themselves as superior to other life and even within their own species (know a few of them?).

We have forgotten our divinity and the divinity of everything in this universe. There is no separation.


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