Hello world!


Hello World!

I chose to name this site DIVINE BEAR to honor my ancestry. My maiden name, Osborne, is ancient and some say predates the Vikings. The surname Osborne is derived from the Old Norse personal name Asbjorn, meaning divine bear. It is my heritage, my ancestry, my tribe, my lineage.

That said, this blog has nothing to do with genealogy. It is a blog about my spiritual path – what I do and how I do it.

It’s about my spiritual path which is unique to me. It’s about sharing things I’ve learned over the years. It’s a cairn for anyone else who happens to pass this way.

I love crystals and stones. I love energy medicine. I love flower essences. I am an herbalist. I love journeying for myself and for others. I love firewalking. I love storytelling. I love writing. I love teaching. I love astrology. I love learning. I love animals. I love metaphysics. I love plants. I love being. I love magic. I love ‘medicine’. I simply love……..and that my friends, is the key.

This existence in the physical is not about us humans. This planet was not created  for  humans. Our original purpose was to help. Somehow we humans forgot that we came to help this living, breathing, beautiful planet earth on her own evolutionary path. Every other species remembers except us. Somehow a long time ago we got disconnected from The Source and ego took over (what and how is moot. I’m not interested in religious theory).

Through my writings and consultations, it is my hope that others will find something of value that they can use on their own unique and personal spiritual earthwalk.

Welcome. Take a look around. Enjoy. Click on the tabs above or just enjoy the blogposts. If it’s not for you, please leave simply and gracefully with (or without – your call) my blessings. Thank you.


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